I took a personal day on Friday so we could head out bright and early (or dark and early, as it was) for Chicago. We had a family council meeting for Drew’s dad’s business (Drew and the sibs are all partial owners, so we are figuring out what that looks like), and then got to enjoy a long weekend hanging out with the fam. The timing was perfect – by design, I think – since Drew had arranged a date night for the two of us downtown on Saturday. When we went out that night, Junip was surrounded by Gigi, aunties, and cousin, splashing in the sink and divying up the blueberries between herself and Ollie; she could not have cared less that we were leaving.

Saturday afternoon involved a trip to the bowling alley. Cousin Ollie enjoyed herself, but Junip straight up had a blast, running around, climbing, dancing, snacking. So fun to see her so animated.




BOWLING01 copy


BOWLING04 copy


BOWLING14 copy

BOWLING06 copy


And with that, we officially welcome March! Warm weather, please come quickly!