This little embryo is not getting a weekly photo shoot like Junip did, but I thought I’d throw a few bump photos up, at least. I like to think I’ve crossed over the ‘potbelly or pregnant?’ threshold, finally making these kinda fun. Two weeks till we find out whether this is a little brother or a little sister!


And there’s not much shopping to do this time around, but I did score the cutest little booties you’ve ever seen! I realize the baby is due in August when it’s likely to be in the 90s, but he or she can wear nothing but booties and a diaper, so long as he or she wears the booties.



On a sadder note, a pair of raccoons got Mo earlier this week. Right through the chicken run. A friend told me he’s seen them tag team, scare prey from one side and kill it from the other, which must be what happened. We are officially down to just two girls. Might introduce a few more banties to the ‘flock’ this spring, but I need to reinforce the run first.

In any case, we are all trying to put it behind us and enjoy the spring. Should hit 72 today! I can’t wait.