I suppose this is your mini golden birthday? We had a pretty perfect day, which I’ll pretend was a celebration of the event.




Lately you are such a dancer. I mean, you always were, but now you’re getting into it beyond the usual toddler squat and bounce. Your eyes light up when music comes on, and you have this adorable little shoulder shimmy. Clapping is big. You love it when Drew dances with you, and sometimes when I do, but other times you stop dancing, come up to me, put your hand on my knee, and with a very serious, almost sad face, tell me, “No.” Like, I actually imagine teenage-you dutifully informing me that I’m embarrassing myself. This morning, though, we were all allowed to dance.

You have the best, totally unbridled joy. Especially when you see Karin. The other morning you suddenly bolted to the front window of the coffee shop, screaming. Karin was just getting out of her stroller outside. She ran to the glass and you guys just stood there screeching and smiling, tapping on the glass and staring at each other. It’s a good thing it was adorable, because it was incredibly loud.

21_months01 copy

Eating continues to be basically your favorite activity. Yesterday we turned your high chair into a big girl chair, meaning you can climb in and out by yourself (and there’s no tray – it just slides up to the table). You are SO proud. This morning we found you like this, just waiting for a snack:




Tiring, being so cute.

Drew had the day off, so we went discing with Chad and Mallory after your nap. The air was cool but the sun was wonderful. You were insistent on walking almost the whole course by yourself, but you kept pace, so it was actually kind of awesome.


21_months11 copy


21_months14 copy

Of course, once Chad did it, you had to try, too.


21_months17 copy

Other developments this month: tantrums, followed by an amazingly effective grasp of consequences. Basically, when you really want something and are denied, you go into flailing, screaming, crying mode. The first few times you were inconsolable, and I put you in your crib to chill out, which REALLY made you unhappy. Now when you freak out, I say, “Do you need to go to your crib?” and you instantly stop kicking and crying, suck in a steadying breath, and tell me, “no.” It’s seriously uncanny how immediately and thoroughly it works. Like, it took two time-outs for you to learn. And it must have worked 30 times since then. In fact, I need to stop writing about it, because I’m sure to jinx it.

Also new: this could be optimistic hearing, but you’ve been saying these blurred together but complete little sentences. Like, when playing peek-a-boo, you cover your eyes and ask “where’dshego?” or this morning, when you had been standing on my lap and I set you down, asking if you wanted to rock on your horse, you said, “Iwanstandup” meaning you wanted to go back to balancing on my legs. There have been a few other instances, too. Every time it happens I think I couldn’t have really heard that, it’s so fast and mushed together and nearly incomprehensible, but I’m pretty sure you’re getting this language thing.

And lastly: blowing kisses. Holy cuteness.