We had the ultrasound this week and… it’s a girl! I thought I didn’t have a preference, but I find myself really happy to think that Junip will have a sister.

There was this amazing moment in the ultrasound where we were looking at an organ or fluid sac or something unimpressive, and all of a sudden four little fingers popped up over the ridge, wriggling like they were waving hello! The nurse took a screen shot:


And this time around the nurse alternated between the normal ultrasound view and a more 3D version. Look at this tiny little munchkin!


She’s moving a lot more now, too. Somehow, knowing her gender and feeling her kick and flip, it’s finally setting in that there’s a little human in me again. I’ll be up on the computer or something and I find myself with the sensation that I’m sitting next to someone, or how I used to feel wearing Junip in the K’tan 24/7. It’s actually really nice; I never really felt the reality of Junip until I could actually see her.

Anyways. What a perfect little dinker! So excited to meet her this summer.