Karin’s second birthday is this week, and I’m ridiculously proud of the present I made her. Juniper saw it this morning and just made a beeline, screeching and smiling. Clearly I’m going to have to get started on tipi round two asap.


The pattern and concept were really simple, but it still took me a while. I used a 9’x12′ painter’s drop cloth, cut it into a half circle, hemmed it, stitched in some ties around the base to hold the poles, and put grommets in to lace it shut. The poles are just 7′ lengths of square trim, sanded and drilled through a foot from the top, so I could run some twine through them to hold everything tightly.

tipi3 copy



Like I said, I’m pretty pleased with myself on this one. Sitting inside it is so peaceful, and the poles have such a nice geometry to them.



Classic Drew, he looked at it and saw an art installation, not a toy. “I like the way the grommets match the straw,” was his first comment. Like, the straw that happened to be sitting in the backyard behind it.

Junip knew what it was for though. She grabbed her doctor’s kit and a book, hightailed it inside, and closed the flaps behind her. Hopefully Karin likes it as much as the Junebug!