Baby girl, you are just getting so big, so quickly. Already when people ask me how old you are, I find myself rounding up to ‘2’. I just need to slow down and savor these last two months of your sweet little one-year-old-ness!


You are busier than ever, coming up with these very clear little play plans and then executing them. Sometimes they involve me and it’s so frustrating to you when I don’t understand what my job is – like Sunday, when you kept pulling me to the swing but crying when I tried to put you in it. Because, duh, you wanted me to sit in it, with you pushing. Tonight you found a box and got a very sneaky look in your eye as you hid my phone in it. And then added the remote, the cocktail shaker, all your fruit magnets, and your farm toy. And then marched it all over the house until you found a shelf to fit it on. Mission accomplished.


You are such a little ham. You’ve watched the video of yourself dancing so many times that now when I start singing ‘Doggy in the Window’ you immediately shoot one arm into the air and assume your signature dance position.


You LOVE to be tickled. The only way we can get you upstairs (happily) for a diaper change is with one of us holding you and the other chasing while menacingly wiggling our fingers. You get so excited, you flail and arch your back and then bite the sweatshirt of whoever is carrying you. Diaper changes themselves are not much fun, but you show no signs of being ready to avoid them by actually using your big girl toilet. It’s still early, though.


No photo shoot would be complete without a couple dozen pictures of the floor or ceiling (you are such a helper), but this time you actually got a cute one of your dad! Nice work, peanut.

22months6 copy


My little wildling. Last time Jenifer and Karin came over, as they were pulling their stroller onto the porch and you were shrieking your little lungs out with your face pressed against the screen door, hardly able to contain yourself, Jenifer sighed and said, “Juniper, I hope you never stop screaming to greet us.” That sort of sums up how I feel about you in general. I hope you never outgrow this unabashed joy.