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We have been a house of sickos lately. It started with Drew getting shingles (ouch) which was really scarey given that I’ve never had chicken pox (and coming down with it during a pregnancy is seriously bad news – like, they hospitalize you). My midwife recommended a somewhat rare form of the vaccine without any live virus in it, but then it turned out that would have cost $9,000, so I passed. Yeah. And then two days later I came down with chills, body aches, headache, and a mild fever. I was so sure the rash was coming. It was not a fun time. But it turned out to be only a spring bug – yay! Guessing I got it from Junip – she’s been so congested she’s had boogers literally coming out of her eyes, but her immune system at least seems to be fighting it off better than mine. Anyways, we are all on the mend now.


Just got back from a weekend in Chicago. We had already planned on going down for the Sufjan Stevens concert, but had the happy luck of our trip coinciding with visits from Andy, Olivia, and Jill. Reid and Caroline spent the night, too, so it was a nice little family get together. The littles were so sweet to watch. Ollie was really into trying to remove Junip’s clothes (zippers, buttons) and Junip would just stand there watching her with this bewildered look, not entirely pleased but offering no resistance. Pretty funny.

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Back in Madison now, and really enjoying the glorious weather. The juneberry is in full bloom, the daffodils and tulips are up, and so much else is almost there – including the peonies! Can’t wait for those big, pink, cloud flowers.



Junip has been enjoying the outdoors, too – maybe too much? She figured out how to unlatch the screen door, and if that weren’t enough, how to simply make her way in and out through the cat door. Lucky we have a fenced yard.


And I was going to save this for an epic, all done reveal, but it turns out it’s taking a long time and I’d rather show it off now. Behold, Junip’s play kitchen! It started out as an entertainment center (thank you, pinterest). The appliances will be yellow, as will the tile backsplash, with black bullnose. And there will be chrome trim on the counters. And, you know, an oven door. Just not done yet. It is a not-so-surprise present for her 2nd birthday. Glad I have another 2 months to finish it!


Of course, the Peanut has been helping. Measuring, at least.



Other than that, not too much going on around here. We have been lazing about outside as much as possible. Junip has been working on her photography.




Anyways. Hello May, and almost summer. Such a perfect time of year.