Hard to believe this is the last monthly update I’ll write for you as a one year old! My little ham. You and I just got back from a pre-bedtime walk, where you pretended to be shy for our neighbor down the block, but then peeked over, smiling, to make sure he was still watching you, then went back to burrowing your face in your sweatshirt, “shy” once more (and repeat). Now you are sleeping sweetly in your big girl bedroom – a transition we made on Wednesday, with surprisingly little trouble. I had been holding out on moving you only because I haven’t hung any artwork or shelves yet, and wanted a finished, styled room for your big move. But then I realized, who am I kidding, you don’t care. We’ll wait till it’s done to post photos here, though.



Earlier this week, your dad taught you how to shovel mulch. You’re really good at moving about 1/2 a cup into the wheelbarrow at a time. It’s kind of your new favorite thing. Oh, except for the other new thing he taught you: how to fill the rut in the driveway with water from the hose that conveniently hangs right next to said rut, and then to splash in it. It’s a good thing we found you rain boots not too long ago.



You are such an agreeable little thing, at least, most of the time. You really can’t sympathize with the cranky guy in Green Eggs and Ham (Me: Would you like them in a house? You: YEAH! Me: Would you like them with a mouse? You: YEAH!) and when I ask you if you want (anything) for (breakfast/lunch/dinner) you say: Yeah! Num num num!

Language is coming along, albeit slowly. You and I understand each other almost all the time; it’s probably made you less eager to learn more actual words, but I feel like a jerk playing stupid when I know perfectly well what you’re trying to communicate to me. You’ll get there in time. Lately you’ve been pronouncing any hard consonant at the end of a word as a ‘t’, leading to a kinda funny habit of you declaring “butt! butt!” every time you want to read a book. And you’ve been working so hard to say ‘apricot’ (your favorite dried fruit) but you can only mimic the phonemes correctly when I pronounce them one syllable at a time. When you try to string it together, you know it’s a three syllable word and you nod your head vigorously on each one, but it comes out as “A! i! ah!” I more often understand what you want from the three head nods than from the actual sounds.

You’re an incredible little monkey. You shimmy up ladders without any assistance – you’ve seriously put 3-year-olds to shame at the park. And you can hang from monkey bars all by yourself, if only for a little bit. It’s pretty cool.


You love those chickens, and they’re beginning to love you back, since you’re their most frequent bringer of treats. Half the time it’s something non-edible (mulch, paper) but just as often, you’ll offer up pieces of your bread or fruit, or drop in a handful of leafy green weeds for them to nibble.


My happy little girl. I love you so much.