Last weekend we headed up to Sheboygan to visit my mom for the holiday we’ve come to call mirthday (mother’s day, plus her birthday). My poor mama was recovering from food poisoning, so unfortunately we weren’t able to do a whole lot, but at least she got a little Junip snuggle time.


For my gift this year I made a papercut portrait of these two little cuddle buds.




Things are moving along on that front. I’m building up my portfolio, I registered my LLC and got a sales permit, I set up a business bank account and Paypal account. I’ve only been able to work on this stuff while Junip sleeps (thus me finally updating my poor, neglected blog at 3:37 in the morning), which has really made me eager for the school year to wrap up, but I know there’s no rush except in my head.

Anyways. Off to work on some more sketches before the insomnia wears off.