Hello, blog. Long time, no see. It turns out raising a toddler, teaching, and starting a new business are enough to put a dent in my writing / photography. Who knew. But hopefully that changes in a week or so; the school year is wrapping up and I am ready, ready, ready.

What have we been up to around here? I’ve still been spending most of Juniper’s sleeping hours (and what should be my sleeping hours) working on my soon-to-be-launched Etsy shop. The portfolio is coming along. There are a number of pieces I’m keeping to myself right now, but here is a ketubah I made for the bakery’s wholesale manager, Josh, who got married last weekend:


life_lately_june20153 copy


I need to take the glass out of the frame when I photograph these for real – that tree is just a reflection. The actual backing paper is a metallic gold.

And my logo! I cut these little tags to hang on purchased / packaged up items. They may be too time consuming to produce to be used as business cards like I had initially imagined, but I think a photographic reproduction will do. Either way, website / contact info will be stamped on the back.



A friend of ours owns a building two blocks from our house that he rents out as artists’ studios. Drew was there was there yesterday and mentioned to Jeff that I might be looking for a space, so he took me in back to check it out when the munchkin and I stopped by. The back studio is the largest: a big, open room with a wall of glass block windows. Currently five women share the space, but two are leaving. I’m not quite willing to commit to studio rent yet, but if a spot is still available in the fall, that would be incredible. The three remaining women are all jewelry makers, and seem really nice. One is our pastry chef’s wife. Small world, huh?

And let’s see, Juniper news. Lately she is really into her little curated collections. She has figured out how to get into the cabinet with all the grocery bags in it, and likes to go around the house selecting items for her bag, then moving said collection into either another cabinet, her play kitchen fridge, or another bag. Here she is transferring her latest cache from paper bag, to stroller, to fabric bag.



bags3 copy

She’s had some diaper rash, so is in disposables while we use the ointment. Suddenly all her pants appear too big without that big cottony tush to fill them, and she looks like a little saggy waisted, skinny jeaned teenager! (See middle pic above)

And this was awesome: earlier this week, I emptied a cardboard box and gave it to her to play with. Junip puts her doll in it, drags it down the hall, and says, “un-two-ree!” (one-two-three) before launching it down the stairs. Let’s hope she doesn’t have similar ambitions of flight for her incoming little sister.

Anyways. Hey, real conversation I had with one of my district’s HR people this week: (Her) You’ll need to fill out FMLA paperwork since the first part of the year will be maternity leave. (Me) But I’m not covered under FMLA since I’m part time. (Her) Yes, but you need to fill out the paperwork so I can tell you you’re not covered. (Ha! But, for real.)

It’s almost summer! Yaaaaay!