Little girl, I promise not to compare you to your big sister too much once you are born, but indulge me for now. I just can’t believe how different you are already – how your little personality is manifesting so early.

Despite her wild ways now, Junip hardly moved in utero. She wiggled and hiccuped, but stayed in exactly one spot, at least during the third trimester. Her little right foot stuck under my rib for months, so much so that it had almost no muscles when she was born – you could bend it back so far her toes would touch her shin. That was pretty freaky.

You, on the other hand. My sweet new little pea. You have been asserting yourself and your right to freedom of movement for quite some time. If I bend over or lean on a counter or in any way invade your turf, you fight me off with head butts and kicks. Sometimes I swear just thinking about you is enough to bring on your tumbling; it’s like we’re having a conversation. I hope you come early, for selfish reasons, but also because I think you will really enjoy just being able to stretch out.


Junip has been taking peeks at you and giving you kisses for months now, but I wasn’t sure she really understood that you, a real little person, could be hiding in me. But yesterday as she was rubbing my belly she declared, “Babies. I want to come out.” So it appears I’m not the only one impatient to meet you.

Finish cooking, but don’t dilly dally, ok?