Well, we had a busy weekend! Juniper knew things were off to a good start when I swooped her out of bed Friday morning, threw on her rain boots, and let her do some puddle stomping while we waited for the bus.

jills_shower01 copy

Man alive, does this child love public transportation. That last photo is her shrieking, “Bus!!! Bus!!!” Which was good, because I had my back to it and I doubt the driver would have thought we wanted to board if not for Junip.

Friday afternoon we drove down to Chicago for a weekend with Gigi, aunties Jill and Lindsay, cousin Ollie, and great aunt Janie. That night we had a little early birthday celebration for this almost-two-year-old, and Junip was totally spoiled with all the fake food a child could ever want to cut with her little fake knife (stocking the almost done play kitchen).

jills_shower07 copy

jills_shower10 copy

Can you believe all that frosting? Junip ate it by the handful. Straight up buttercream.


jills_shower03 copy


Saturday we had plenty of playtime, and then Jill’s baby shower in the afternoon! (She’s due just a month and a half after I am).






jills_shower21 copy

I knew she’s doing a sheep theme in the nursery, so I made a little lamb papercut for above the crib.


And Kim was there (due just 3 days after me) which made us belly triplets.



Poor Hutch was woefully overwhelmed by the estrogen. He took it like a champ, though, and had Willow to comfort him.




Sunday we had a slow morning and then hit the road. Junip managed the drive awake (!) which was great because it meant I got to take advantage of nap time to work. Speaking of which, my Etsy shop will be launching today! Stay tuned.

Happy baby time, Jill!