Happy Fathers’ day, all! We are up in Minocqua for most of the week, which I think (for Drew) is pretty much the ultimate way to celebrate. Today’s docket is looking to include a trip to the zoo, a cruise around the lake (I think Junip will be really into tubing this year), and a bonfire with the most ridiculously large s’more marshmallows I’ve ever seen. Its actually my little munchkin’s second birthday, too(!), but that we’ll celebrate when we get back to Madison.

The nipper and I made her dad’s present on Friday before we left. Well, Junip’s part took maybe ten minutes; I spent my day’s 4 hours of work time, and then was up until Drew left for work that night, finishing it. I think it turned out pretty awesome though!




Juniper did a craypas and watercolor painting, which I turned into juniper branch papercuts and layered with some little bird silhouettes I cut from photos of her. Floated the composition above stained maple veneer. The whole thing turned out pretty strange, but I think in a good way! Some art for dad’s office, to remind him of his little bird.

Still can’t believe how lucky I am, that he’s my husband and the father of my girl(s).