My little peanut is two years old! What a trip. Yesterday we celebrated with a grill out and lots of friends, family, and neighbors. The weather threatened to be awful but in the end we just had a few light drizzles. I had the canopy set up on the patio just in case, so the munchkin and I spent our pre-party afternoon chilling in the pool through the rain.





This one just loves to be naked! She did a lot of climbing in and out of the pool, refilling her watering can and watering all the plants.

Her party was really fun. We had plenty of kids this time, and just enough people to fill the house without it feeling too claustrophobic (plus the menfolk tending the paella fire outside). I was totally unprepared for the number of presents she would get, but holy wow, is her play kitchen stocked now.  Momo made a serious spread of mini cheesecakes and galettes, and I made my first non-failure birthday cake! Three layers, no less! It helped to have my mom there, passing on the techniques of the Maciejewski birthday cake.




2_years_old8 copy

Sugar coma. Yum.

Happy second birthday, little love! I am so proud and lucky to be your mama.