There’s a little beach by our house, or rather, not so much a beach as a little amphitheater leading down into the lake? In any case, it has sand, and this morning I decided it was high time Junip learn how to build a sand castle.

Unfortunately, the algae blooms on the lake are so bad right now, we couldn’t go in the water. Still, we had a really nice little morning chilling in the shade, digging some holes, and watching the birds and boats go by. Juniper was not so much into the building of the sand castles as the destroying of them. I should have seen that one coming. Actually, their very existence seemed to bother her – she was getting really mad at me for making them. But burying feet in sand? That was her jam.



beach2 copy





^”Bye bye, boat!”

beach9 copy

Man, this one is such a monkey. There are now parks I can’t take her to without Drew, because they have climbing equipment that goes way above my head, and she shimmies up it and I can’t get her down. So that’s great. I mean, also, I’m really proud of her for that, but it’s a little nerve-wracking.

Hope you all had a great fourth! We were total lame-o’s: both so exhausted, we put Junip to bed at 8 and then promptly fell asleep ourselves. Next year we’ll do it right, I swear! When I’m not massively pregnant and Drew is (hopefully) not working 14 hour days, baking and then doing the farmer’s market. For now, we’re only fun during daylight hours.