So I guess it’s only fair to start with the new cutest guy on the block: Chad and Mallory’s new puppy, Oscar. Holy smokes, is he adorable. And watching him and Junip is just too much – they are basically equally matched for strength, so watching them play tug of war with his little rope is like watching a smaller, clumsier version of some really epic battle. So cute.





As cute as Oscar is though, Liam continues to be Junip’s real playmate of choice. Monkey see, monkey do. Generally, he wields his power for good.



life_lately_july_2015_10 copy

She is turning out to be quite the artist. Every time she sees the fridge now (where I’ve been hanging her work), she declares, “I painting! I painting!” and goes running for her brush. Craypas and liquid watercolors have been my go to – cool textures, vivid colors, and washable (mostly).



We’ve had what feels like a sort of explosion with language and social development. I have been so in love with watching her play with her new play kitchen (final reveal soon to come – I literally just have a few paint touch ups to do first). But she gets her pots and pans out, gets her veggies and knife, cut slices of onion for each pan and flips it with her little spatula… just, really, everything Drew does. It’s a whole new level of role playing – so involved. And she’ll carry George around, feed him, or hold the paintbrush in his hand so he can paint, too. It’s so sweet. She and Karin are finally able to talk to each other (instead of Karin just sort of announcing to us whatever it is J’s doing) and they’ll hold hands and go down the slide side by side. She asks for help now, when she’s struggling with something, and is getting so much better at using her words to tell me what’s wrong when she’s frustrated. She’s just really becoming a big girl.



life_lately_july_2015_14 copy

Had to throw in a shot of dinner from the other night. Drew is always an amazing cook, but with an exploding garden out front and weekly farmer’s markets with cheese makers and other vendors trading for bread, it’s really awesome what he just whips up on the fly. We are pretty spoiled.

And frustrations from the last week: tech problems have sucked up all my work hours the last few days. Even with new operating systems on my desktop and phone, and after a gazillion hours on the phone with tech help, I haven’t been able to use my digital cutter. They’re ‘getting back to me’ since we’ve done every bit of troubleshooting they can think of (nothing should be wrong). Pooh.

And this morning’s bummer news: my little gymnast has flipped breech. My midwife is hopeful she’ll flip back, and I have a chiropractic appointment this afternoon to try to get her into position, but all of a sudden this went from a pregnancy where I could just count my blessings and let nature take its course, to one where I’m looking at various interventions and potentially a C section. It had been so nice to just trust our bodies to know what to do. But who knows; hers still might.

Off to Georgia this weekend for a family reunion. Really looking forward to another little vacation – with working from home, it’s been hard to shake the feeling that I should be working any second I’m not taking care of Junip. It’ll be nice to not have the option for the weekend. Sunshine, swimming pools, gardens, food, and family are sounding pretty good right now!