Well, Junip is spending a few days at Grandma’s house (thanks, Mom!), allowing me some much needed work/mental preparation time. So far most of it has been dedicated to building Quinn’s co-sleeper (pics to come) but I also finally put the last few touches on Junip’s play kitchen. I’m pretty stupid proud of this one. It is, of course, a 1940’s play kitchen (to match our real one) with such details as faux marmoleum counters with chrome trim, real tile backsplash with contrasting bullnose, vintage fridge, rounded shelves, and chalkware accessories. I’m going to hang the kit kat clock I’ve been hoarding on the other side of the fridge, too, as soon as I get it fixed.

Yeah, this one got real out of hand.


play_kitchen8 copy


I jumped on the pinterest bandwagon and started with an old entertainment center, which I chopped up, sanded, and added on to. Remember this animated gif?


She’s come a long way.

play_kitchen6 copy

The fridge is fully stocked. The oven knobs spin, the rack pulls out partially, and the shape of the cut-out on the oven door matches the thermometer detail on the fridge. Almost all the chrome details are the plastic trim you can buy to pimp out your car – it just sticks on (really sticks), and is easy to cut. I was even able to do little mitered corners for the counter trim.

I had my heart set on real marmoleum for the counters, but it was going to be more expensive than I could come anywhere close to justifying, so instead I photoshopped an image approximating the marmoleum pattern, ordered it printed on fabric (via spoonflower), and polyurethaned it onto the counter. In retrospect, I should have used polycrylic (the oil-based clear coat tends to yellow, and did) but I wanted the more durable finish. Oh well, I am definitely the only one who notices.


play_kitchen2 copy

The faucet and stove burners are real replacement parts I ordered off Amazon. I’d hoped to find some at the Restore, but they wanted you to take the whole stove, and I wasn’t going there. The sink is just a little mixing bowl, and the pot rack/pots are cheapies from Ikea. I looked for ceramic tile for the backsplash (gotta be period appropriate, you know) but I couldn’t find them in the smaller 2″ squares that I wanted, so I ended up getting glass tile. I don’t think you can really tell, though. At least the bullnose is ceramic.


Junip’s toaster, tea kettle, and ALL those food toys were birthday presents, which was pretty sweet. Still, this beast came in way over budget. It’s dangerous when you spend four months building something, buying a couple little things here and there… BUT, I’m telling myself, this is an heirloom piece. My kids will play with it for probably a good ten years, and someday their kids will play with it, too. The thing is solid wood, and solidly constructed. So, I’m not feeling too guilty.

Plus, it is the sweetest thing in the world watching Juniper play with it. Worth every penny. I’ll have to get some photos when she gets home from Grandma’s.