I’ve intentionally put my papercut business on the back burner the past week or two (baby takes priority! Less than a week till D day!), but I wanted to share a few things I have managed to get done:

maple_ketubah - 1

maple_ketubah - 4 copy

maple_ketubah - 3

I had so much fun making this ketubah for a wedding this weekend. This is just a sneak peek; I’m formatting the text now and hope to have it all framed up later today. The couple is getting married under the same maple tree her parents did 34 years ago (I snuck their initials and wedding date into the tree bark). I just love all the symbolism.

You may notice I did not follow my own advice to start designing less complicated ketubot. Instead I decided to have them laser cut. It increases my costs significantly, but it’s a much cleaner cut than I was able to achieve, lets me use tiny, fine details, and allows me to work at a larger scale. And actually, I think in this context (the wedding market) the slight increase in price won’t be a big deal – I think people care much more about having as perfect an artwork as possible when it comes to their wedding vows.

And I shared these on Facebook, but not here:




Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Another series of layered papercuts for nurseries or big kid rooms.

Anyways, I’d be lying if I said my hiatus from working was entirely the result of self restraint. My tech problems of two weeks ago culminated in our hard drive totally biting the dust after I updated our operating system. Thank God I had the foresight to back up our work files and the photos before I updated (there was nothing recoverable off the hard drive). But I didn’t think to back up our videos. I’m really heartsick over this one. Basically, anything that I didn’t upload to YouTube as a completed project is gone. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I’ll be buying a larger external hard drive and running Time Machine in the future. Lesson learned.