39_weeks - 6 copy

Well, little one, you are just determined to do things your own way. The external version didn’t work, and I think I can say without any doubt, if that didn’t, nothing will. I had, like, a wreath of bruising around my abdomen after that one, and you didn’t move an inch.

The good news is, now we know. I can stop doing all these crazy things, and stop willing myself to believe they’ll be effective (Placebo effect is real! But knowing that adds even more stress, when you don’t believe in a treatment but feel obligated to try it anyways. Drew and I were desperately avoiding eye contact as he held sticks of burning mugwort above my pinky toes – daily!) The c section is scheduled for early Tuesday morning; you will be born at approximately 7:45am. How strange to know that.

But man, I can’t wait to meet you. Juniper, too, is getting eager. More and more she’s talking to you and patting or rubbing my belly. This morning she gave you stickers (all over my shirt) and then protected you with sunblock (all over my belly). I really think she gets it.

You will be so loved. You already are.

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