Introducing Quinn Elizabeth Hutchison. She is just the sweetest little thing we could have ever hoped for. Happy, healthy, tiny… just 6lbs, 5oz at birth, although totally on track to catch up with her 95th percentile big sister (we had her first check up yesterday, and where as most babies take two weeks to get back to birth weight after the initial weight loss, Quinn was already over by 3oz at just five days old. I am a proud mama already).

We are loving our first days with her. It’s a big adjustment, especially for Junip, but she’s taking it really well. She’s had a lot of moments when she’s just sad, and she doesn’t seem to understand why, but it’s not directed at the baby; she loves ‘baby kin’ and wants to be near her or touching her all the time. Such sweet peas. First sister photo shoot soon to come.

I am recovering, which is going well but not a fun process, and am extremely grateful that my mom has been here this past week, and that Beth is coming for week two. Drew goes back to work tomorrow, and I’ll really miss having him here. But, I’ll have my girls to comfort me.

Man, newborns smell so good.