We took our first little trip out of the house as a family of four a few days ago. Quinn slept through most of it, but we had a perfect afternoon on the beach – sunny, breezy, and just hot enough. I found a shady, hilltop spot to nap on, and Drew and Junip hit the waves.

quinn_first_days - 1 copy

quinn_first_days - 2

quinn_first_days - 4 copy

It’s been pretty quiet and lazy around here the rest of the time. I’m feeling just enough like myself again to be itching to get back to work, but I know I’d regret it – trying to remember to use this time with mom/ mom-in-law here to get as healed as possible.

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Those eyes! Can’t tell what color they’re going to be yet, but they sure do stop me in my tracks when she aims ’em at me.