Life has been good, but not easy. We are flying solo after an initial two weeks of grandma help, and we were ready – we needed to find our groove, the girls and I – but it has definitely not been all sugar and roses.

Low points: When Juniper hit Quinn in the face with her medical kit, and then laughed at me while I tried to make her understand why that was bad. And, when it took us 40 minutes to get out the door because Junip decided to chuck all the shoes off the shoe rack, and I decided we were not going anywhere until she helped me clean up by putting at least one pair away. And when, on our first outing, just the girls and I, we had such a successful trip to the post office that I decided to push my luck and swing by Happy Bambino on the way home. Suffice it to say: bad move, mom. You know it’s bad when the cashier is leaning over the register calling after you, “It gets easier, I promise!” as you ungracefully make your exit. Also, every single night, when Quinn is wide awake except for torturously brief 45 minute windows between feedings, and every single morning at 6:45 am, when Junip runs into my room and joyfully declares, “I awake! Book, please!”

High points: When I have Quinn snuggled up nursing, and Junip cuddles in next to me on the couch, and I am cocooned in baby sweetness, with a good beer in my free hand. And, when Junip helps me take care of Quinn, giving her gentle bounces in her snug-a-bunny, coming upstairs to supervise diaper changes, bringing me clean diaper inserts or covers, and generally, you know, being actually helpful. Or the several times friends have helped us out by bringing over dinner, freeing Drew up to take the girls on a quick run to the park, and giving me a really appreciated hour of solitude/nap time. On that note, I am so over saying no to help. Now I am just grateful. And, last high point: totally feeling like supermom after getting two children, a stroller, a diaper bag, and two giant umbrellas (the collapsible ones having evidently evaporated from our closet) through the rain, onto the bus, downtown for a play date at the children’s museum, and back on the bus and home without any accidents or meltdowns (mine or theirs).

Overall, more good than bad. Juniper has, in general, been so grown up, happy, and tough. Today she got a bee sting (somehow one got into her room and got her on the leg while she was napping) and when Drew ran in trying to figure out why she was crying, she spat it out. Yeah, that’s right. Girl gets stung on the leg and she’s like, “I’m going to eat you, bee.” Amazingly, she didn’t get stung in the mouth. She was laughing through her tears as Drew was telling me what happened. So tough.

I fear my goal of three posts a week here has become laughable. I’m now shooting for one, and failing. Quinn has decided she prefers to be worn over being placed in the bouncer, and between carrying her, needing to be able to pick up Juniper, and incision recovery (10lb weight limit for 6 weeks? Riiight… I find myself regularly picking up both kids, which comes in at around 45lbs), carrying around a DSLR just isn’t in the cards. I did manage to snap these, though:

life_lately_08_2015 - 9

Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, any time but nighttime.

life_lately_08_2015 - 3

This is her new comfort pose: curled up on my chest, with her head sticking out. She has pretty amazing neck strength for a newborn.

life_lately_08_2015 - 1 copy

We got a sweet little chalkboard/paint easel from our neighbors, but unfortunately that means my beautiful faux-marmoleum play kitchen counters are Junip’s new favorite canvas.

life_lately_08_2015 - 5

life_lately_08_2015 - 4

We finally had new elastic straps put it on this sofa/chair set, so I had it outside to get photos for Craigslist (Danish modern living room set, anyone? Comfy and stylish, freshly fixed up, just too wooden-arm-pokey for kids). My beautiful family decided to photo bomb and ended up settling in for a nap.

life_lately_08_2015 - 7 copy

life_lately_08_2015 - 6 copy

And work: I have been really eager to get back to work, even if it’s just for an hour or two a day. I made a bunch of business cards to send to my… cousin once removed? I’m hazey on our titles, but she is a wedding/party planner in Chicago and graciously offered to refer me to her clients. Also, I had my first non-pity sale! I joke, but I sold my first ketubah to a non-friend/family member, which has me feeling pretty pro. And also, scrambling to find a Hebrew translator. But I’m really hoping this is the beginning of my Etsy store picking up momentum; it’s amazing the optimism that one sale can inspire! Also, one of the bakers just had a little boy, like, days after Quinn was born! He has a giraffe themed nursery, so I modified my lion papercut to pimp out his crib (ha ha, pun intended).

_MG_0171 copy

Anyways, that is now in a nutshell. We are in an adjustment period, for sure, but not a terribly tumultuous one.