Happy labor day, all! We spent ours at the local state park, swimming, throwing a disc around, and grilling out. Junip had two buddies today: Liam and Desmond, and the boys were so sweet about including her and helping her play their big boy games. Not that she needs any help staying entertained in the water; to appreciate these first two photos, you need to know that she escaped Drew with her shirt still on and is running full speed hollering, “SIM SOOT DIAPER!!!” which is code for ‘oh hey, I’m about to go swimming.’

labor_day - 1

labor_day - 1 (1)

labor_day - 5

labor_day - 3

labor_day - 6

labor_day - 7

labor_day - 4

labor_day - 8

labor_day - 2

Fun times.