I just love watching Junip step into her role as big sister. She is the first to run to the snug-a-bunny when Quinn cries, to give her kisses and gentle bounces. She likes to make sure Quinn can see when we read, and to snuggle with her under the baby play station when we do tummy/floor time. And more than once, she’s answered my bedtime “Love you, Juniper” with, “Love you, Quinn.” I mean, I could use some mama love, too, but still, it’s pretty cute.

The girls both had milestones this week: Junip is officially potty training, and progressing well, and Quinn is smiling! Like, big squinty eyed, cheesy smiles. They are elusive, but so beautiful. I try to avoid posting iPhone pics here, but this is the only grin I’ve managed to catch so far, and I have to share:

smile - 1

In general, two is just feeling much more manageable now than it was three weeks ago. Even that someday third child is sounding almost plausible. We’ll see.


My girls.