We are having just the most perfect fall weather. Friday we took advantage by packing up the girls and giving Quinn her first taste of disc golf. Chad brought Oscar, too, so we were basically a clown car driving out to Token Creek. We only did nine holes and it took about two hours, but Junip had a blast, chasing Oscar, throwing her frisbee, and helping Drew retrieve his discs. Pretty cute.

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life_lately_09_2015_ - 1

^ Juniper helpfully offering to catch Drew’s disc.

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life_lately_09_2015 - 9

life_lately_09_2015 - 8

^Potty training continues. She’s doing really well (no accidents in the house at all after day 2! Even pooping in the toilet on her own, no prompting) but when we’re out, it’s still us encouraging her to pee, rather than her telling us. It’s only been a week or so, though. No fear of public toilets, and she loves peeing by trees 🙂 Channeling her inner canine.

life_lately_09_2015 - 7

^This is her yelling, “Osher (Oscar), come!” He didn’t. Smart dog.

life_lately_09_2015 - 12

Unbelievably, it’s still been warm enough for the sprinkler, although she only lasts a few minutes before she starts asking for a towel.

life_lately_09_2015 - 13

life_lately_09_2015 - 14

^”Mama, I sleeping.”

life_lately_09_2015 - 16 copy

Quinn is really proving herself to be an exceptionally cooperative little dinker. Nights aren’t perfect yet, but they’re improving, and when she’s awake she’s just super mellow. Even her bewitching hour (7-10pm. All babies have this, right?) is nothing compared to what Junip’s was; as long as she has milk and movement, she’s ok.

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life_lately_09_2015 - 19

Any time I lay Quinn under her toy, Junip comes running to join her. “I baby, too!” Actually, Quinn likes this thing a lot better when she has company under it.

life_lately_09_2015 - 20

life_lately_09_2015 - 21

life_lately_09_2015 - 22

life_lately_09_2015 - 23

These crack me up. Having provisioned her sister with a fake can of beans, Juniper read to her, then decided that Drew needed ‘toes to nose’, which is how we help Quinn get her toots out. You like Drew’s ankle tattoo there? Junip picked that one out special.

life_lately_09_2015 - 1

life_lately_09_2015 - 2

This is baby moose, Junip’s new special toy. It’s so funny, the things they bond with. Here, Junip has just tucked her into bed, and then decided to take a nap with her.

life_lately_09_2015 - 18 copy

And yes, we are jumping the gun a lot, but Junip is WAY into pumpkins lately. I’m thinking it’s the fall themed books we’ve been reading. We’ve been getting a new little pie pumpkin every time we stop at the store – soon we should have a good porch-full. And she is SO excited to be a cow with Quinn this Halloween. I can’t wait to see her really appreciate the holiday this year!

All in all, it’s been a pretty killer September.