Well, little pibsqueak. You sure are something precious. You’re sleeping, snuggled into my left arm as I chicken peck this out. You are making the quietest little purr with each exhale. You are soft and warm and perfect.

Your dad and I had sort of a trying day, today. Or week, maybe. He’s working too much and I’m working too little and we are both sort of losing our shit, trying to find a balance. You are not a demanding baby by any stretch of the imagination, but you just need me, all the time. You won’t really take a bottle and you like to nurse every hour or so. And most of the time it feels really wonderful to be needed by and connected to you so thoroughly, but sometimes, especially when your sister also really needs me, which really feels like all the time lately, it’s just a little overwhelming.

Right now though, I feel ungrateful even typing that, because everyone is sleeping and there is nothing better than having a quiet moment with a purring infant on your chest.

Anyways. You. You are smiling and bright eyed these days. Your vision seems to be improving, or maybe you’re just more interested, but we are getting more eye contact, more responsiveness. Your neck is strong enough that we generally wear you facing forward, and you seem to enjoy taking the world in. You are consistently getting through the night with only two wake ups (usually at 2:30 and 5) and man, do I appreciate that first 4.5 hour stretch. We’ve pretty much transitioned you into the crib, but usually I bring you back to bed with me at 5, since you are a little fussier and want to nurse/snuggle more at that time. When you fall back asleep, I just slide you into your co-sleeper, which is nice because you are just delighted to discover a face right near yours an hour or so later when you awake for the day. This little grin definitely softens the blow of needing to get out of bed.


Love you, sweet pea.