The other week we drove out to Door Creek Orchard for some fall apple picking. Forty pounds and one tired kiddo later, and we were seriously stocked for pie making. Drew and Junip busted out their respective rolling pins on Friday, and somehow already, I am looking at the last empty pie plate (there were three). We did send my parents away with one as a thank you for babysitting services rendered, but I am still a little stunned that our little family wolfed down two pies in four days. What can I say? We are some good ol’ American apple pie lovers, here.

apples - 13 copy

apples - 11

apples - 10

apples - 17 copy

apples - 16

apples - 14 copy

apples - 12

apples - 2 copy

apples - 1

apples - 7

apples - 6

apples - 8

apples18 - 1

^Took that one yesterday.

The good news is, there’s still time to do it again.