We drove out to Lodi again for the Epic corn maze, and yes, I meant to capitalize that ‘E’. Treinen Farm does it right. This year’s theme was Aesop’s fables, so the maze was an illustration of the fox and the grapes. As soon as we drove up and Junip saw all the pumpkins, she knew she was in heaven. The kettle corn, running through cornfields, and bounce house were just icing on the cake.

corn_maze - 12

corn_maze - 1 copy

corn_maze - 7

corn_maze - 6

corn_maze - 8

corn_maze - 2

corn_maze - 4 copy

Mallory was trying to get a pic of Liam and Bjorn, and Junip totally photobombed with a hug for Liam. She really does love that boy. And he’s so sweet with her, offering her corn cobs and sticks and letting her beat him at races.

corn_maze - 10

The kids all got totally obsessed with picking kernels off the fallen corn cobs. They were ‘magic corn’.

corn_maze - 9

corn_maze - 11

And… eating mud. Yum.

But really, who am I kidding, the bounce house wasn’t icing on the cake. The bounce house was the best thing that’s ever happened to Juniper in her entire life EVER.

corn_maze - 16

corn_maze - 15

corn_maze - 14

corn_maze - 13

corn_maze - 17

corn_maze - 18

Getting her out was… a challenge. Let’s leave it at that.

Anyways, another fall tradition, for sure. It’s so much more fun now that Junip can really enjoy it.