We went out to the arboretum a couple weeks ago, a bit early for the full fall color it turned out, but it was a beautiful day anyways. Junip was in her element. Almost forgot about these photos; I have a lot to get caught up on!

arboretum - 1

arboretum - 7

arboretum - 3

arboretum - 5

arboretum - 2

arboretum - 4

arboretum - 6

arboretum - 9

arboretum - 8

Junip was so independent and curious. I wish we were within walking distance of someplace like this, with fallen trees and dirt and rocks to climb on.

arboretum - 10

I just love those eyes. This is Drew giving Quinn a diaper change in the front seat (I had just finished changing Junip in the trunk). Doesn’t she look so serene? This girl loves getting her butt cleaned. I swear, she coos and smiles the whole time. It’s such a relief after two years of battling through changes with Juniper.

Loving this fall. The weather has been so perfect, and not to jinx myself, but I feel like I’m figuring this mother-of-two thing out.