Ever since witnessing the pure ecstasy that was Junip’s first five minutes in a jump house, I’ve been itching to take her to one of these places. While we were in Arlington Heights this past weekend, we made a trip to Jump Zone, and it was everything I/Juniper hoped it would be.

jump_zone1 - 1

jump_zone - 5 copy

jump_zone1 - 3 copy

jump_zone - 1

jump_zone - 7

jump_zone - 4

jump_zone - 2

jump_zone - 3

jump_zone - 8

By the end of it, she was a sweaty little mess. Drew held out his arms and she just snuggled right in, passed out. She puked in the car on the way home, but it was still totally worth it. Next time we’ll just skip the pre-bouncing snack.