3months - 2

Queener beaner, you’re getting so big! Three months. I’ve already had to swap out all the clothes in your dresser twice! Yes, you have actually grown through two whole wardrobes already! Too bad I don’t have anything for you to wear now. Oh wait, yeah, there are those five giant storage tubs exploding in the closet. You’ll be in Junip’s hand-me-downs for most of the next twelve years or so, but I’ve gotten you a few special things of your own, and you’ve been given some really lovely items made just for you by some of the other grownups in your world (thank you Pam, Susan, and Cynthia!)

Some milestones this month: You’re consistently sleeping through the night (or almost – just one fairly easy wake-up). You can now grab things and pull them to you, which makes life a lot more interesting, but also means I can no longer wear my hair down. You are starting to drool a lot (yay, teething!) And you’re making some noises, other than cries and other early grunts. We’ve been catching some ba’s and buh’s! I’m hoping ‘m’ is your next phoneme, but that might be a long shot.

3months - 3

3months - 1

3months - 4 copy

3months - 6

3months - 8 copy

3months1 - 1

3months1 - 3

3months1 - 2

You are free with your smiles and licks, and happiest when someone makes eye contact and silly faces with you. Having observed your dad and I doing a lot of this, Junip now likes to go wherever you are, make herself comfy, give you a gentle finger poke on the cheek or nose (“boop!”), and settle in to read you a book. You two play as best as you can; you stretch out your hand and grab at her clothes, and Junip declares ecstatically that you are tickling her. Fingers crossed you stay such good buddies.

I think I can confidently say, we’ve found our groove. We sure do love you.