It’s pretty awesome living with a two year old. I keep wishing I could get this stuff on video, but it’s hard to catch her in the act. Thought I’d share some recent Juniperisms in text form at least:

(At play-and-learn, while handing another little girl a water bottle they had filled with glitter and pom poms, spoken in a conspiratorial tone): “That’s beer.”

(Looking down into the toilet bowl, which is too big for her little butt to cover, letting a little crescent of light shine in from behind her): “Mama, a MOON! A MOON! There’s a MOON!”

(During family cheesy-action-movie night, watching a boat explode): “Biiiiiiiiiiiiig mess.”

(Having just cleaned the fuzzies from between her toes after wearing a new pair of socks, said while pulling on the little hairs on my toes – yes, I have hairy toes, don’t judge): “Mama has fuzzies, too!”

And my personal favorite: “Baby Kin says, ‘bless you, Juiper!’ Baby Kin says, ‘love you, Juiper’! Kin says, ‘mmm, that’s delicious, Juiper – good job!'” (That last one as she holds fake food in front of Quinn and makes exaggerated chewing sounds.)


Remember her place mat/pillow installations? Well, that’s still a go-to art form of hers, but now she’s expanded the range of objects she works with.

juniperisms - 1 copy

juniperisms - 5

juniperisms - 10

All the wheeled toys are, one by one, wheeled to and lined up in the bathroom. I open the fridge to find she has dug mason jar rings out of the drawer and used them to frame her animal magnets. Teacups are hidden in the hanging pots. And one by one, she grabs books, climbs along the back of the couch, and balances them in the window frames. Everything is so carefully executed.

juniperisms - 11 copy

juniperisms - 7 copy

She’s figured out my phone’s camera, which means I have many, many versions of this photo in my camera roll.

juniperisms2 - 1 copy

Most mornings we get this lovely little rainbow on the fridge and lower cabinets. At night, Junip declares sadly that the rainbow is hiding, then pulls her little toilet up for the best view, should it return (which, obviously, could be any second).

juniperisms - 3 copy

We laughed so hard the first time she did this, it’s hopelessly reinforced. Her go-to party trick.

juniperisms - 6

Seriously, I love it.