A couple weeks ago, Chad came over to help us move the larger patio furniture indoors. Juniper saw him and assumed he was there for another bonfire (we’d had a few recently), then started sobbing when she saw he and Drew carrying the table in (she seemed to understand it meant not only would there be no fire that night, but for some time to come). I tried to cheer her up by explaining that we had to pack it away because soon there would be snow. She responded by asking, first thing, every morning from then on, whether it had snowed. Well, we finally had a big snowfall last week, and this peanut ate it up. Literally.

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Kate taught Junip how to make a snowball. Juniper assumed the purpose of said ball was to make it easier to snack on.

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We didn’t actually last that long outdoors, but Quinn is following tradition nicely and falling asleep as soon as she’s in the bear suit. They really should feature this remarkable sleep inducing quality in the product description.

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Juniper is as helpful in the kitchen as ever. Quinn just throws up her hands: what are you gonna do?

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Our little rainbow is still showing up each morning.

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This is what bread looks like in our house. Thanks to Drew: crusty and delicious and nutritious. Thanks to Junip: riddled with tiny little bites.

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Our dinker doodle is big enough for the bumper jumper! When you catch her in the right mood, she loves this thing. It’s like, suddenly she has autonomy. Amazing.

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I got my first order for a ketubah with the couple’s names in Hebrew. I love how it turned out, but it is kinda scary to be making art for such a high-stakes day in a language you don’t speak – especially when it involves stylizing the letters so much. The groom was extremely helpful though, sending me the characters in several fonts so I could get a better sense of the important features. A very cool experience.

And: Thanksgiving! We had a really nice holiday.

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Yes, Junip managed to swipe a fistful of the savory bread pudding before dinner was officially served. Honestly, I probably would have to if I were cute enough to get away with it.

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Cheers! The company and ensuing food coma were both fabulous. Yay for holidays!