Christmas! Yay!

Yes, it’s official: we had our annual cheesy family Christmas card portrait, we chopped down our tree, I spent four hours hanging lights on every window, door frame, and baseboard in the house; it is definitely Christmas season.

I am loving experiencing this through Junip’s eyes. While I was hanging lights, she kept running into the kitchen yelling to Drew, “Dad! Look what mama doing! LOOK!” She enjoys just standing in front of the tree, gently pawing the two ornaments she’s allowed to touch. And periodically throughout the day, she announces, “Santa’s coming over!”

life_lately_nov_2015 - 35

life_lately_nov_2015 - 27

life_lately_nov_2015 - 33

^Obviously, the best way to pick a tree is via taste test.

life_lately_nov_2015 - 30 copy

life_lately_nov_2015 - 34

life_lately_nov_2015 - 32 copy

^Just making sure we got the right one.

And, because this is the real reason I had a second child, the first matching Christmas jammie photos of the season!

jammies - 2

jammies - 6 copy

jammies - 1

jammies - 4 copy

Oh, don’t you worry; there are more matching Christmas jammies. Oh yes.