5months - 2

This is a little late, but time has been escaping me these days. It just seems to evaporate. When I think about it too much I find myself disengaging and compulsively reaching for the camera (of course, getting those shots edited and posted here is another matter). But your sweet babyness is going to slip away, and I don’t trust my memory to keep everything I want to keep. You’re lovely right now.

You are so happy when you wake up. I usually hear you cooing and nomming on your blanket, and when I go in you give me this wide eyed smile like, “Oh, wow, hi! You’re here!” When I pick you up you wrap your arms around my neck and grab my hair by the root, pulling my head to you and mouthing my cheek. You are loud these days, when you first wake up; your happy sounds are not so different from your complaints, just loud “ah!”s.

You are still mild and compliant most of the day, although those who’ve babysat you might disagree. You are definitely starting to prefer me to anyone else (except your dad), and given that you also still won’t take a bottle, it’s not easy to leave you. We’ve never been separated for more than three hours.

You’re the night owl of the family. You generally stay up until about midnight, but I’m losing my patience with it, and have begun messing with your naps in an attempt to get you sleepy earlier. We’ll see how that goes. When you’re down, you’re good, though, for a solid seven hours. So really I can’t complain.

As long as we’re next to you reading or playing, you’re happy to lay under your hanging toys or to jump in the bumper jumper. I’ve still managed to get tendinitis from carrying you so much, but I can’t resist nuzzling that soft little fluff on your temples and having a sweet smelling space heater on my chest.

The other day you were laughing at yourself in the mirror, and your hair was pushed in such a way that I suddenly had the clearest picture of what you will look like in a few years. It was weird, I had this surge of pride for you, and also this panic. Just take your time getting there, ok munchkin?

5months - 1

5months - 3 copy

5months - 5

5months - 6