We drove down to Chicago after Christmas here in Madison for one last celebration. It was a lot of fun; we’re at a point where it’s pretty complicated to get all of Drew’s family together (five sibs, all married, most with kids) so it’s definitely in everyone’s mind to make the most of the time. We opted for lots of games, some snow soccer, a trip to the bounce house place, an obscene amount of food, and lots of lounging in matching jammies. Brace yourself; you’ve never seen so many matching jammies.

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Hattie and Quinn may be too small to appreciate how sweet they looked together, but we certainly did. Hattie is just two months younger; it’ll be a lot of fun to see them hit the age Ollie and Junip are at now, where they can actually play with each other. Or, you know, stand naked by the sink and eat water with a spoon together. Same dif.

Happy 2016, everyone!