Christmas is now a full month behind us, but somehow I feel like I’ve just recovered this week. We finally took down all the decorations, which Junip handled really well (she kept repeating, “Santa’s tired. He’s gonna take a nap”) until Drew took the tree out to the curb. She watched him walk out the door and her face slowly melted into this heartbreaking look of total desolation, and she crawled onto my lap and sobbed. It was so sad and sweet. I feel ya, kiddo.

Anyways, the news of the morning is: this one! She’s rolling! About a minute before I took this pic I had set her down on her back, but she really wanted that dust pan. A wiggle and a flip and she got it! Our days of immobility are numbered.

life_lately_2016_jan - 8

We’ve also transitioned Junip into a booster and Quinn into the highchair. There have been a few instances of J gazing longingly at her former chair, but all in all, she’s taking it like a champ. You’ll also notice Quinn taking her first few nibbles; so many changes for this one! She’s not the biggest fan of solids, but it’s fun to watch her grab at them and try to maneuver them into her mouth. It’s just the swallowing that she doesn’t really like yet.

life_lately_2016_jan - 1 copy

life_lately_2016_jan - 3

life_lately_2016_jan - 6

life_lately_2016_jan - 7

Despite it’s mild beginnings, winter is upon us now. Today we went over to the park for a little spin on the ice. J and Drew have a sled whipping routine they both like a lot. Quinn and I prefer to observe.

life_lately_2016_jan - 9 copy

life_lately_2016_jan - 11

life_lately_2016_jan - 12 copy

And I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but Junip is officially, totally potty trained. We’ve even ditched the little toilet; she has a step stool that she uses instead, and then even pushes it to the sink, scales the fake drawers with her tiny monkey feet, and washes her hands all by herself. I’m so proud.

life_lately_2016_jan - 4 copy

And this was fun: for Molly’s birthday last week, I did a charcoal drawing of the two of us (well, baby us). It’s been a long time since I made a piece of art just because I wanted to (rather than as a commission, or as a sample for a class) and it was really satisfying to take something from concept to finished, framed work. Drew took the girls out of the house for the afternoon, and I was able to do the whole thing in one sitting.

drawing - 1 copy

drawing - 3

And now, hunkering down for a good few months of hibernation.