“Mama, I want to go to summer. Can we go to summer, please? Like on the phone?” (She had been watching old video clips on my phone earlier.)

(Referring to a tomato):”No, that’s an apple.” (Referring to a badger): “No, that’s a groundhog.” (Referring to what is, c’mon, clearly a banana): “No, that’s not a banana, that’s juice.” And don’t think for a second you’ll ever get the last word.

(As Drew tries to corral her out of the room so I can get some work done, and Junip grabs at the computer mouse): “No Daddy, I’m trying to get some work done.” (I don’t say that ever, obviously).

(Speaking slowly, and taking an eraser out of my hands): “No Mama, that’s a grown up job. I do it.”

“Mama, I really, really, really, really need to go to the bakery.” (So we did. Sometimes she has good ideas.)

“Hurry, get in the elevator! Run! Get on the airplane! Don’t get us, cars! Run, Mama!” (In her mind, our life is pretty much Die Hard).

juniperisms2 - 2

^I thought I was so smart, tricking her into eating her Kashi by sprinkling a few dried cranberries into it. She drank the milk (for improved visibility), picked through the cereal and balanced all the cranberries on her spoon, then ate them up in one sugary bite and declared herself finished.

juniperisms2 - 1 (1)

^She called me over to the play dough saying she needed help. When I asked what with, she said, “I need help making my sculpture. It’s a bonfire.” And I was so proud.

Wow, I’m reading these and realizing we’ve entered the ‘no’ stage: the disagreeing just to disagree stage. It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. More rational, or if not rational, at least more… considered. And she’s still highly manipulable. We have a LOT of moments like this: J: I don’t want to put on my boots. Me: Ok, then, no park. J: YES I want to put on my boots!

And man alive, the number of things she learns everyday… I know that only weeks from now, I’m going to look back on all these moments and they won’t be nearly as funny, because now half the humor is in the fact that such a grown-up thought or sentence somehow, miraculously, came out of my little baby. But I guess that’s kids, huh? I sure do love this one.