6months - 2

It’s been a big month for you, dinker. Rolling, eating, somewhat sitting up. It feels like things are in motion.

You are trying solids, but are not sold yet. Breastmilk with rice cereal is acceptable, bananas are decent, yogurt is… meh. Generally I get the feeling you’d rather just nurse for the next six months or so. Which is fine, it’s just so different from our experience with your sister.

You’ve come to prefer being on your belly to your back. I think crawling is still some ways off, but the building blocks are there; you’re gaining strength quickly. You set goals, reach for things, tip stuff over. Your world is expanding.

You are kind of a sleep champ now, although I feel like it’s bad juju to type that. You often do a solid 11 hours, and if you wake up while I’m transitioning you to the crib, I can still lay you down and walk away. You fuss and talk to yourself for a minute or two, and then conk out. It’s pretty unbelievable. On a bad night, you wake up around 3am and want to party for an hour or so, but that doesn’t happen too often.

You demeanor is remarkably sweet. Your dad and I make jokes about how you are the ultimate baby, destined to make any potential future babies look bad. You are sociable and smiley and your laugh is honky and totally disarming. You love sucking on peoples’ noses and chins, and being tickled.

6months - 3 copy

6months - 4

6months - 5

And now you’re a half year old. Crazy. Love you, peanut.

Ps, just realized I shot your sister’s six month photos in this same outfit. I don’t think you look nearly as similar now as you did as newborns, but your smiles give your sisterhood away for sure.