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We’ve had some good smile moments this week. This morning especially – we stepped outside and there was this warm, gusty wind, and suddenly spring felt imminent and I found myself so hopeful… Junip exclaimed, “it’s warm AND cold!” and I knew she was experiencing that end-of-winter joy too, for the first time.

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It’s hard to tell, but this was taken mid-dance party. Junip is not terribly impressed with Quinn’s dance moves. She makes up for it with extra jumping. Quinn does have one new trick up her sleeve, though: she’s scootching! I was out of the room for half a minute and came back to find she had wedged herself under the couch. Well done, kiddo.

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Our little champion eater is not really performing like she used to. Drew and I have been back and forth about how to handle it, falling mostly into the “If you eat X, you can do Y” camp, but we listened to a Fresh Air interview with Bee Wilson that made us sort of grimace (evidently that’s not what you’re supposed to do…) Trying the “only offer healthy things and be totally indifferent about what she actually consumes” route now. We’ll see how that goes.

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As a former art teacher, I always sort of feel like I need to have amazing art projects for Junip (not that that always happens). I was really patting myself on the back setting this one up, but it turned out to be an epic fail: I had one color paint mixed into baking soda and another in vinegar, the idea being that it would fizz and mix when her paintbrush touched one to the other. She was happily painting with the blue baking soda goo when I went to grab the camera, but in my absence she leaned over to grab the magenta vinegar, spilling the whole cup and covering her hand in foaming purple paint. She totally panicked. There were tears and she wouldn’t rest until the paint was off her hand. Not exactly what I was aiming for.

life_lately_feb_2016 - 2

Our Valentines were more successful. Watercolor and craypas were step one, then I cut a little ‘love you’ pattern, and Junip finished them with glue and glitter. She was really proud.

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And Papa came up for a quick visit last weekend. A hockey game with Drew Saturday night, and some play time with the girls Sunday morning. Above, they’re playing my favorite game: hide in the “tent” and sleep because “it’s nighttime”. Best game ever. I have recently gone to such lengths as to assemble an actual tent in our playroom, in hopes of encouraging this game. Certainly beats “dance party” which is code for “pick me up and twirl me around and I’ll cry when you stop, OK?”

Life with a two year old. I’ll tell ya.