The memory of these little gems is what’s getting me through this week:

In reference to a referee in the superbowl: “He has some bandaids on.” (As in, the white stripes). And later, watching a tackle: “They got a big owie. He fell down and got the owie. They need to go home.”

After picking her nose: “Want to try my booger, Dad?” Drew: “No, that’s gross.” J (eating it): “No, it’s DEEE-licious!”

As she rubbed her dinner all over her pink cheeks, I asked if she needed some lotion. “No, I don’t need lotion make me feel better. Polenta makes me feel better.”

Sick with a bad cold: “The germs got me!” And, feeling slightly better, after medicine, juice, and TV privileges: “I feel a little happy now!”

Having put pairs of underwear on her head and both arms: “I’m the postman.”

Opening up the drawer with the hats, talking to herself: “Let’s go to the haberdashery! Let’s go buy a hat!” Sometimes I cannot believe what a little sponge she is. We read a book with a haberdashery in it. At the time, Drew asked her if she could say it, and she just looked at him skeptically and said “no.”

life_lately_feb_2016 - 8

^She found the baby floaty thing when I was cleaning out the closet, and decided it made an excellent hat. I have to agree.

So, you know, there’s that.