February is always a hard month for me. It’s probably a little seasonal affective disorder, a little cabin fever. I tend to find myself pacing the house, antsy but unproductive.

Every year, the first warm March days seem to reinflate me; make me myself again. I don’t trust it, I know it will snow again, but my heart isn’t listening. It’s just so hopeful.

This year, the whole cycle has felt amplified. This week’s weather has been… nourishing. Junip seems right in sync with me – she’s been laughing more, dancing more. Quinn is back to her serene self and was clearly pleased with her first experience eating grass and observing chickens. I’ve been on such an unstoppable spring cleaning kick it warrants a post of its own. Our house is getting its happy back.

spring - 3

spring - 4 copy

spring1 - 2

spring - 1

spring - 2

spring - 8

spring - 9

spring1 - 1

spring - 7 copy

Shoveling and dancing. It’s a good day.