It’s been so fun establishing holiday traditions now that Junip is old enough to anticipate the day. Last year we did an egg hunt with Karin and Jenifer and we’ll probably do that again, but we’ve also been reading about spring and Easter and fitting in some special art projects. J isn’t quite old enough for me to bust out the dye yet, but we did some egg painting/glittering yesterday which was possibly even better.

eggs - 1

eggs - 2

eggs - 4

eggs - 3

eggs - 6

eggs - 5

Gotta love that glitter!

^And on that note, one week later, I need to add: we had three of Junip’s little buddies over yesterday, I look away for a minute (never look away!) and the next thing I know, all four toddlers have their hands on these glittery eggs and are rubbing them on the rug as if they were scrubbing brushes. My living room will sparkle from now until the day I throw out that rug! The vacuum cleaner is no match.