seeds - 3

seeds - 1 copy

seeds - 5

seeds - 7 copy

We had a stretch of good health, some warm weather, park time, seed planting… I was really feeling the rebirth of spring. And then this weekend, Junip came down with another doozy of an illness: vomiting, diarrhea, the works. And Quinn and I got colds. And the temperature dropped back down to the 30s. Drew says it might snow this week. Winter, I am done with you! Seriously.

I know, it’ll be over soon. Already the seeds we planted in these photos are sprouting, the perennials outside are pushing their way up through the old leaf mulch, J and Q and I are on the mend. I am just tired of this stale air. Looking forward to throwing the windows open, letting the girls run naked, and letting the fresh breeze blow us clean.