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It’s been a pretty crazy week: Easter festivities, a trip to the Dells to meet up with the cousins and grandparents, preparing for an upcoming trip to DC (we leave Friday!), sun, rain, snow, and everything in between.

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Taking every opportunity to let Quinn enjoy her birthday suit. I love me some baby skin snuggles.

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I partially blame the Easter sugar, but Junip has been SUCH a roller coaster this week. Totally manic joy, flipping on a dime to screaming/ throwing/ sobbing devastation. We had a brief reprieve in the Dells, where she reverted to her polite self for 24 hours, and then another two days of extreme highs and lows. I generally pride myself on staying calm in stressful situations, and I’ve been working really hard to keep my focus on her emotions and not just her behavior (talking her through the tantrums, rocking with her, helping her take deep breaths) but by the end of yesterday I realized my jaw was throbbing from clenching my teeth all day. It just wears on you. Today was fantastic, though (knock on wood). I’m really hoping it was just a wave of craziness.

By the way, that’s not Junip in the photo above, that’s a fox. You can tell because she has four feet.

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My parents have been around a lot more since they bought the condo, and it’s been so nice. My mom’s been able to pop by fairly often, and Quinn and my dad are really getting each other.

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I love these goofballs.

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Yesterday was this crazy mini-storm, with intense wind, snow, sleet. Today was back in the sixties. Go figure. I was honestly pretty depressed about it when I came downstairs and saw everything white again, but Junip immediately asked to go outside. I told her it looked pretty cold. “That’s ok, mama. How about we wear our coats? Then we’ll be nice and warm!” How could I refuse?

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Fixing bikes with Daddy. Pretty heart-melting.

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The weather, Juniper, me… I guess we’re all all over the map. The difficult is really, really difficult, but the good… it just leaves me a little puddle, looking at photos like these. Sneak attack sister kisses and glowing baby fuzz. Hard to argue with that.