Two of our dearest friends have been living out in DC for, can it be?, four years now. We’ve been promising to come visit pretty much since day one, which was when we actually should have gone, because life seemed to get more and more complicated in the ensuing years. We finally just decided to do it, and made a spring break of it.

I’m not gonna lie, it was kind of a parenting boot camp. J was having one last hurrah of post-Easter tantrums (like, in her sleep even!), and that plus all of us descending upon Dave and Rachel’s one bedroom apartment, and navigating rush hour metro lines with luggage and littles, was pretty intense. BUT, Drew and I were seriously on our A game, and our friends are amazing with kids, and the whole trip was a lot of fun. We had some fantastic meals, saw the sites, explored the parks, and still had plenty of time for lounging.

dc - 1

dc - 2 copy

For sure, one highlight of the trip was seeing this little roly poly. Baby Bei Bei was so frickin’ cute, meandering around her room, adorably stumbling and bumbling. And then Junip spotted the panda on the merry go round, and it really sealed the deal. Total new favorite animal. Sorry, Tiger.

dc - 5

You know how I love me a good baby-in-a-box. The matching cat was really the icing on the cake. Our friends moved the week after our visit, so they were fully stocked with cardboard during our trip.

dc - 9 copy

dc - 4

dc - 15 copy

dc - 13

dc - 7 copy

dc - 12

dc - 17 copy

Dave and Rachel, thanks for a great vacation! You hosted our little hooligan pack with such grace. We really will come do it again soon! If you’ll have us 😉