Spring is really here, and I am so grateful. We’ve had the best string of getting out the door for fun mornings, really busy and productive afternoons, and lazy evenings on the patio. How does everything become so much easier when the weather gets warmer? Seriously; the children are better behaved, chores get done more quickly, once-barely-fathomable activities like taking the bus to the farmer’s market are suddenly not only do-able, but so smooth, they’re even enjoyable. It’s amazing.

I’ve had a string of ketubah orders coming in, which is so fun. Like, I had this wonderful moment of panic (had just received three orders within 48 hours) where I actually thought, what if I can’t keep up with it? Ha, what a nice problem that would be. I’m even looking into renting space in a studio where I’d have access to a lasercutter, which would be so cool. It just feels really hopeful.

Drew always takes the girls from 3-5pm so I can work. Yesterday he ran into the house for a sippy cup, and we had our first glimpse of what the future might look like (knocking on wood so hard right now). Junip just parked herself next to Quinn, and they actually played together, totally happy on the grass while Drew and I stayed hidden inside, me sneaking photos through the window. Playing together independently? More, please?

life_lately_april_2016 - 2

life_lately_april_2016 - 3

I built J a sandbox, and was so pleased with myself, convinced this would allow me to get more gardening done. Well, it did, but it was short lived, because now all the time I would have spent gardening needs to be spent vacuuming. She pulls down her pants in the bathroom and sand just explodes everywhere.

Yesterday I was watering (and my version of watering involves setting the sprayer to the notch where it shoots out like a jet stream, so I can get the far plants without unwinding all the hose) and Juniper comes running at me, sticking her head straight into the stream. I thought it would have hurt, but she was laughing hysterically, kept doing it, and was soaked within minutes. And then jumped in the sandbox, informing me that she was making a snow angel. It’s all part of her plan (I’m sure) to distribute sand into every square inch of the house. Highly effective.

life_lately_april_2016 - 5

life_lately_april_2016 - 4

Chad, Mallory, and Liam came over last night to grill out. We hadn’t seen Liam in a while, and I was so happy to find that somehow over the winter, Juniper became capable of really playing with and conversing with other, older kids. They did finger tattoos and dug in the sand and rode tricycles and required so little parenting, it was amazing.

Ha, I’m realizing that half my comments here involve joy at diminished parenting demands. Can you tell it was a long winter?

life_lately_april_2016 - 6

life_lately_april_2016 - 12

life_lately_april_2016 - 8

life_lately_april_2016 - 7

life_lately_april_2016 - 9

And ps, check out this trail of destruction Quinn is now capable of!

life_lately_april_2016 - 10

life_lately_april_2016 - 11

She just inches her way up to the play kitchen and helps herself – opens doors, pulls out baskets, overturns bins. I’m so strangely proud. Grabbin’ this world by the horns.

life_lately_april_2016 - 1

Oh, and, tiny adorable baby shoes? Yes, please.

Final note: as I was tucking J into bed tonight, I swear, she touches my cheek and says, “I’m so glad you’re my friend, Mom.” So, yeah, tucking that one in my mental Rolodex for a rainy day.