We’ve had a major sea change over here. I know I mentioned this in my last post, but something just finally clicked, and Junip and Quinn have been actually playing together. Consistently, adorably, really playing together. The future is here, people! I can’t get over it. Every time it starts happening I run for the camera.

two_peas - 2

two_peas - 3

two_peas - 1

Somehow, it usually begins with J “tying Quinn up” in the “tent”. Notice how big sister has learned to grab Q’s hands when she goes in for a kiss. Smart girl. Quinn likes to show her love by pulling out the most hair possible.

two_peas - 11

two_peas - 10

two_peas - 12

These after the ever popular “pull us on the blanket” game.

two_peas - 8

Chillin’ with some apples.

two_peas - 9

two_peas - 4

Chillin’ with some crackers.

two_peas - 6

two_peas - 5

two_peas - 7

Seriously, this is the best.