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Three quarters of a year, stinker dinker! It is starting to go quickly now. We’ve both fully emerged from the fog of the newborn days and things are getting fun.

You are so alert now. That’s not totally new, but it’s becoming more pronounced every day. You actively try to catch my eye, and everybody else’s. If I’m going about my business with you on my hip and forget to offer you a taste or touch of whatever I’ve got, you make your objections loudly known. You are not really crawling as in alternating hands and feet, but you inchworm your way around quickly and over large distances (like, out the door and down the hall, if properly motivated). When sitting and offered two fingers, you hold tight and straighten your back, basically pulling yourself into the standing position, and you’ve even started moving your feet to walk when I lean you forward while upright. I often leave you standing at the couch with a few toys or board books; you are really starting to enjoy using your legs.

We’ve been outside a lot more, and you’ve adopted the exact same dandelion-eating habit your sister had at this age. It really cracks me up. You eat one, grimace at the intense bitterness, spit it out, and then pop another in your mouth, squinting even as your little fist raises it to your face, apparently knowing you will not like the outcome but unable to stop yourself. Generally, by the time we leave the park, your whole little chin is stained yellow. Junip laughs hysterically watching you do this, ordering you to stop even as she offers you more flower tops. It’s pretty great.

You’ve had your first bike ride. I was thinking you would love it, but clearly that was some willful amnesia on my part. You hate your bike helmet with a righteous fury, incensed, as a baby should be, that we subject you to such discomfort. You start screaming as soon as you see it coming. When we’re moving you sort of accept the situation, but you remember to be mad when we hit red lights. It’s not terribly pleasant, and I’m hoping it’s short lived.

In general you are so easy to please, though, I really can’t complain. You love when other kids pay attention to you, and tolerate all sorts of well-intentioned abuse from your sister and her buddies. You are ticklish,¬†especially in your neck folds – you laugh so hard, shouty and honky, when I kiss you there. It’s the best. You love food, and things that rattle or crinkle, and you really, really love when we sing and dance. Any sort of bouncing to the beat. It’s wonderfully easy to make you smile.

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