We are having ourselves a chill little summer so far.

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Our rhubarb plant has really gone bananas – the stalks are bigger than Juniper, with their leaves on. We took advantage and made my mom a rhubarb birthday cake last weekend.

life_lately_june_2016 - 8

life_lately_june_2016 - 9

Quinn has started clapping! When combined with her tongue-out-smile, it’s pretty painfully cute.

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The splash pad is back open, but we have yet to go there, as every time I suggest it, Juniper sadly tells me that we need to wait until her knee heals (she got a little scab last week). It kinda makes me crazy how big a fuss she makes (it must be covered with clothing at all times, including when she pees, God help you if her pants fall to her ankles while on the pot) but the fact that she’s so resolved on this point, she’s denying herself the splash pad… well, I guess I find it kind of impressive. These photos were taken just before the creation of said scab. Her little tush has not seen the light of day since.

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We spent Memorial Day grilling, drinking, and playing bocce with Chad and Mallory. It felt awfully American.

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This little munchkin is upright! Pulling herself up onto furniture and looking for fingers to hold onto, so she can walk herself across the room once up. Crazy, huh?

life_lately_june_2016 - 16

And we had another incredibly close call with the maple. It lost one of its main branches, but somehow managed to land exactly on the terrace, breaking only our gutters and doing some minor damage to a truck parked on the street. I really can’t believe we got through it without any broken windows or roof / fence damage, but I’m especially grateful because insurance is calling it an act of God, which means we are only covered after our $3K deductible is met. We’ve been asking the city to prune it more aggressively since we moved in five years ago, but unless we can prove it’s rotting (it’s not) we are out of luck as it continues to fall apart, and are not allowed to prune it ourselves. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, because I really do love this tree, but man, it is proving itself hazardous.

Anyways, my only other news is I had my biannual (as in, every other year) haircut and I’m back in bangs. I like them a lot, but I have no photos to share, as Juniper and I are the only people in this house who use the camera, and she only takes pictures of her feet.

Happy Friday, everyone.